Meaningful Partnerships with Influencers

Canadian Instagram influencer gets called out for using ‘Konnichiwa’ while in Thailand

Successful influencer partnerships are based on trust—not reach. They aren’t built on vanity metrics like follower counts. They’re focused on reaching their target audience with relevant content. By keeping this in mind, you’ll move beyond immediate short-term revenue gains and capitalize on all the other benefits the influencers, bloggers and micro-influencers have to offer.

Some common benefits include:

  • Audience Data – What demographic, geographic, psychographic and brand affinity data can you source from your successful influencers to learn about your customers?
  • Enriched Insights – What product shots, use cases, content types resonated the most with audiences that converted?
  • Audience Loyalty – How can you channel the loyalty the audience has for the influencer and connect it to your brand?
  • Branded Content – How can you repurpose the influencer content for other marketing campaigns to acquire new customers?

When you work with an influencer that truly believes in your brand and appreciates your product, the content that they create is gold.

It’s important to note which influencers are over-indexing with engagement. Those are the ones you want to do more with.

Brands that treat influencers as partners as opposed to paid marketing channels will see the value in their campaigns. To take this approach, brands need to work collaboratively and focus on long-term gains rather than short-term revenue.

Nik Sharma, Influencer Partnerships: How to Form Meaningful Partnerships with Influencers