Relations Publiques – l’art et la méthode

“…the basics are easy, but the execution is an art and a science.


  1. Find the right publications to pitch (what they write about, what their audience wants, and how much authority they have as a domain.
  2. Find the right writers at those publications to pitch. People who have written similar content before.
  3. Write a pitch that is undeniably well researched, proves you are not a bot, and clearly connects your pitch to something the person you are pitching previously wrote.
  4. Pitch something worth writing about. If it isn’t newsworthy (usually meaning relies on some new data or data analysis), it isn’t worth pitching, and wont be interesting to the person you are pitching.

Success is predicated on all of the above things being done well.”


“…it’s best to start with those basics and then fail cheaply the first 3-5 times, iterating and getting better every time and building that muscle.”