Work Experience

Growth Plays

Los Angeles, CA

Product Marketing / Content Strategist

March 2021 — March 2023

Produced messaging documentation, custom workflows, and content outlines enabling writers to perform best-in-class product marketing while adhering to the technical constraints of SEO, for B2B SaaS companies (2-3 clients per month).

Developed recommendations/action items based on initial observations and page-level analysis of existing client content.

Produced competitor comparison pages and product pages by persona, industry, company size, and use case/solution.

United Restoration

Pompano Beach, FL

Business Development & Marketing / SEO

October 2019 — February 2021

Obtained the #1 organic position for a service-area-business webpage offering COVID-19 cleaning services throughout Florida, enabling the firm to win against national brands advertising the same service within their market.

Conversion Whale

Sunrise, FL

SEO Manager

March 2019 — October 2019

Created HTML template for turnkey SEO best practice implementation for agency’s websites prior to production, implemented company-wide — without burdening developer’s workflows.

Resolved and educated C-suite on client indexing issues due to adaptive/dynamic serving development implementation.

Led monthly SEO educational meetings for client-facing account executives.

Managed contractor relationship with off-shore SEO fulfillment specialists.

CBC Automotive Marketing

Portland, ME

Digital Marketing Specialist

May 2017 — January 2019

Insourced & managed SEO services offering for agency clients (independent of assigned SEM responsibilities), achieving $115K of immediate annual reoccurring revenue.

Advice Media | MedNet

Park City, UT

Project Manager

March 2016 — February 2017

Drove turnkey web development operations and supported customers post-sale through final product delivery and approval.

Improved NPS by 900%, increasing it from -10 to 80 in one year; increased development pipeline speeds and customer approval pipeline speeds; reduced scope creep within website revisional process.

Developed process documentation to educate customers on phases and post-sales expectations; streamlined communications.

Interfaced and bridged communications between developers and customers (technical vs non-technical audiences).

Implemented standard operating procedure for AEs to solicit customer feedback (generated enough positive data to outweigh outlier negative reviews).

Advice Media | MedNet

Park City, UT

Digital Marketing Specialist

January 2014 — February 2016

Burlington, VT

SEO Analyst

May 2013 — December 2013

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Keyword Insights
Screaming Frog
Search Console
Looker Studio
Schema / JSON-LD

Project Management


Generative AI


Code Interpreter

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Fundamentals

Traffic Think Tank

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Grass Fed Friends


Weekly curated newsletter.

March 2023 — July 2023

What’s on sale at America’s grass fed, pastured-based & regenerative farms (that ship to you).

TSSC Agency


Shopify SEO Services

September 2023 —

TSSC Agency captures low-hanging SEO fruit (technical SEO, speed optimization, server-side tagging, structured data, monitoring, & more) for Shopify Stores.