Brand Vs. Local

As as brand, my product or service offering is distributed, so ranking for non-branded keywords is more competitive than if I was a local business. Worse, if my property ranks for a keyword and Google serves users a Featured Snippet, my click-through-rate (and ad dollars) will dwindle.

On the flip side, as a local business, there is nothing I could say about a product I sell that the brand or OEM couldn’t say better, with more authority. For marketing and for search, my strategy should be to emulate a brand; to bleed into their Authority territory. Although I wouldn’t expect people doing market research for a national service or product on my local business’ site, marketing of my business is unique to me – in pricing, methodology, opinion, branding, in voice. This is where I differentiate.


In search, as a brand, I’ve opened my content to Google to be indexed and served to its users. And for some, as repayment, users don’t have to access my bulky, ad heavy, POS website in order to know it’s going to be gloomy outside this weekend ( – Google serves it right to them.

Maybe nobody is reading the research content on a truck on my website, but definitely nobody’s driving to Detroit in order to buy it. It’s nice to be a local business.