Content Pruning

“From our point of view, our quality algorithms do look at the website overall, so they do look at everything that’s indexed.

And if we see that the bulk of the indexed content is actually lower quality content then we might say: Well, maybe this site overall is kind of lower quality.”

– John Mueller, Google Webmaster Office Hours

0.15% of Organic Sessions.

That is the figure for the amount of entrances that occurred to pages within the /blog/ directory of a client’s site, over a four year period. Pageviews were even less, at 0.01%. However, URLs within this directory account for 25% of indexed content within Google.

The overall trend in analytics data over the last two years for auto dealers is stagnate traffic, if not gradually declining. What they have in common is a continued disregard for which pages on their websites are being indexed, and what this is saying to Google about the quality of their overall site.


“And if you can tell us that this lower quality content shouldn’t be indexed and shouldn’t be taken into account, then we can really focus on the high quality stuff that you are letting us index.”1

At the butcher store, sometimes I’m lucky enough to see them breaking down a whole pig or quarter cattle while waiting in line for my order. Before they get to the finer cuts, they tend to start with a hatchet.