Internal Linking

“Look at the three or four posts within a cluster that will provide your reader with the most value when clicking through your internal links. What’s going to be the continuation of the story you are telling on the page they land on? How do you get them to stay on your site, to visit more pages, to keep your bounce rate down, to keep your conversion rates up? You really want to provide a valuable experience to your users – so be strategic about the posts you are linking to.”

– Leslie Ye, “Topic Clusters Over Keywords”, Inbound 2017 Sessions

“Siloing content around topics is far better for internal linking than having your important pages on one part of a site and then writing about those topics in a blog on a completely different part of the site. It doesn’t make sense, but this is what most SEOs do.”

– Patrick Stox, The Most Important Thing SEOs Overlook: Internal Links

And this strategy.