SEO Definition

SEO is the combination of technical optimizations for search engines and improvements for user experience on a website, and marketing of the affiliated entity – digitally.


Google assesses a website with each crawl against the latest iteration of its algorithm to equate a quality score, and by extension, relevance to and position for a search result.

Desktop and mobile position one within search engine result pages on Google receive 34% and 23% click-through-rates, respectively, for queries. By only position 4, CTR has dwindled to ~5.5% on both devices.

“…Google’s organic search gives out information that is fair and impartial with no judgement on who or where you are. Organic search results are based only on relevance to your search terms. Search Engine Optimization can help your site get picked up and appear higher in the list, but SEO is still free and based on relevance.

Consumers trust organic results. We love this impartiality and click on organic results more often than ads.”

The Four, Scott Galloway

Where do you hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google results. Alternatively, anywhere on Bing.