The Power of Links

A local dentist in a major US city ranks on page 3 for the coveted dentist in [city] keyword, resulting in 4% of organic traffic to their domain. Branded keywords within the same data account for ~55%.

Interestingly, geo-modified keywords for TMJ command the #1 and #2 positions, accounting for ~19% of organic traffic. TMJ specialist [state] nearly ranks on the first page itself.

How come? Diagnosing & treating TMJ is a common dental service offered across the country. Nor has this site arranged its architecture to focus on the TMJ page. It does, however, have a referring domain profile pointing to this URL rivaling that of the Home page:

(and they paid for them).

Local businesses would be wise to consider the competitiveness of the keywords behind their products and services, and to which of these pages they direct their link building efforts.


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